Smooth Mathematics

Focussing on the critical topics in the curriculum

Smooth Mathematics supports teacher delivery and student learning of the critical topics in the mathematics curriculum through:

  • work-in booklets, quality explanations and carefully graded exercises
  • hand-written solutions to all exercises
  • endless quizzes
  • engaging problem sets

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Work-in Booklets

Quality explanations of concepts and carefully graded exercises are delivered in a single work-in booklet.

Endless Quizzes

To help ensure students consolidate their grasp of the concepts being learned, 'endless' quizzes are provided at three levels of difficulty.

Solutions and Answers

Detailed solutions to all exercises are provided where appropriate.

Problem Sets

To complement the regular content, as required by the curriculum, Smooth Mathematics provides authentic and engaging problems to amuse and challenge.

Free Access

Thanks to our supporting partner, Casio Education, you could be eligible for a free 1-year subscription to Smooth Mathematics that will power 40 of your students.

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