What is Smooth Mathematics?

Smooth Mathematics focusses on providing resources that help teachers to deliver the most critical topics in the mathematics curriculum.

Work-in Booklets

Quality explanations of concepts and carefully graded exercises are delivered in a single work-in booklet.

Work-in booklets are provided in electronic form and can be printed for students to write in.

Solutions and Answers

Where appropriate, detailed solutions to all exercises are provided, in human handwriting, so students can see what good solutions look like.

Endless Quizzes

To help ensure students consolidate their grasp of the concepts being learned, 'endless' quizzes are provided at three levels of difficulty:

  • Starting Out
  • Moving On
  • No Pain, No Gain

Students can continue to quiz with fresh questions until they have mastered the concepts.

Student progress is logged and viewable by the student and their teacher.

Problem Sets

To complement the regular content, as required by the curriculum, Smooth Mathematics provides authentic and engaging problems to amuse and challenge. The problems require the solver to draw upon a wide variety of concepts.

Solutions and answers to all problems are provided.